New Updates from Pet SOciety:

1. New Camera Feature

2. The riddle to know “?” identity

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1. Take a Photo


To take a picture, you can simply click the “take a photo'” icon next to “set pet status”, you have 3 choices, Room (it means it will take a picture of a room where your pet is.. But your pet will not appear on the photo), Closeup, (the picture will be your pet and the surroundings but the size is small), Portrait, (the picture will only be your pet with plain white background)..

2. The riddle who is “?”

Normally, if we go to Mystery Shop and click on the shopkeeper, named ‘?’, she(or he?) won’t answer.. But starting now, it will be like this:


Not only the mystery shop!!! if we go to other shop.. this is the result:

1. Gadget : *fzzzt* “?”? who is *fzzzt* “?” ? I’ve been *bzzzt* busy in my lab out *bzzzt* back

2. Cafe : That “?” guy. Now he’s a character ain’t he? I got no idea who he is though.. You tried asking around?

3. Food : Sure I know “?” ! He’s been here buying meatballs. Can’t seem ta get enough of them.

4. Furniture : Who’s “?” ? I have no idea! I signed the form. He sells mystery boxes. I get chocolate. What more do i need to know?

5. Clothes : “?” ? He’s that strange pet in the Mystery Store right? Felicity thinks he’s suspicious, but I think he seems sweet enough.

6. D.I.Y : Well course I know “?”. He’s the guy who runs Mystery Store. Been takin’ my business

7. Luxury : That “?” fellow! Now there’s an interesting one. You ask me he’s up to something..

Do you guys have any idea.. I don’t get the riddle..


Lots of people think that the “?” identity is the Major..

Because the piggy in the food store said that “?” has been buying meatballs , and we knew that Major loves meatballs.. But, is it that easy?

Here is the proof that Major likes Meatballs: