Black Eyed Peas

Well-done as always..


The E.N.D


1.Boom Boom Pow
2.Rock that Body
3.Meet Me Halfway
4.Imma Be
5.I Gotta Feelin
7.Missing You
9.Party All the Time
10.Out of My Head
11.Electric City
13.Now Generation
14.One Tribe
15.Rockin to Beat
16.Simple Little Melody (Japanese Bonus Track)
17.Mare (Japanese Bonus Track)


The Black Eyed Peas

So, song by song are leaking slowly from the Black Eyed Peas ..

This one is titled “Now Generation”.. It’s different from their usual songs..]

But I love everything that they doo…

Really, this song is splendid.. Kinda great offbeat..

And I can’t stand waiting any longer for the album..

It’s due to be out tomorrow in Japan but I wonder why the album hasn’t leaked tho…


The E.N.D

This is the sampler of the album which consists of the 30 seconds preview of each song..It’s great.. I can’t wait any longer for the whole album..


1. Party All The Time



This song is genius.. FLAWLESS.. I’ve tried to find a flaw from this song, But I can’t.. And I can’t stop repeating this song on and on and on,

If we could party all night and sleep all day and threw our problems away, My life would be eeeeeaaasyyy…

2. Missing You


This song is great as well, you gotta check it out dude, It’s all beating all over the place, Fergie belts out GREAT VOICE.. I got to score this song 10 out of 5..

Since you’ve been away everything don’t seem like it used to be between you and me, cuz I’m missing you, I’m missing your love love love



This song is some kind of unusual but it fits to my ears.. I love everything that BEP is doing.. lol.. luvin’ it..

Honey I oh I got something  for ya, baby, cuz if i’m calling head 2 in the morning, it don’t all means worth thing, baby (CMIIW)

meet me halfway


When will they make a mistake?

The cover is pretty cool, isn’t it? And this song is the promotional single on i-Tunes.. It’s a damn sure that I will like THE WHOLE THE E.N.D ALBUM..

~I’ll meet you half way, right at the boarder line, is where I’m gonna wait, for youuuu, I’ll be lookin’ out nite and day, took my heart to the limit, and this is where I’ll stay……~

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As new day arrives, another new song from BEP leaked…. It’s the 4th song to leak from the album , The E.N.D … So far, I like ALL OF THEM.. And this song is a great ballad from the album.. It has a catchy chorus and a catchy version of Fergie (She did it again!).. There’s a part sung by Fergie which is similar with My Humps.. And that works! Plus, I like the last part by Fergie where she sings Ladididaladidaladaladidaladida~ [That makes me recall Pump It].. It will be released as a digital single..better check it out..

click more to download it:


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