Pet society

These are the  new items you can find in GMB and BMB:



Sorry for not being punctual.. (Source :


Go to the fundamental:



I vote for these ones, how ’bout you?:


Today’s new items themes are Dragon Boat Festival and Racer.. What do you guys think about the items?.. Source : pet society official blog..Click more to see the items :


Now, you can have your 10th room and you can have your 9th room in the 41st level, the blog says easier but it doesn’t seem like that.. I still found it quite hard to reach to the level required..

By the way, If you guys wonder where the 10th room is located, it is on the attic!.. I wonder how playfish will locate the 11th room on the next update..LOL..

Here is the 10th room, the attic:


Sorry for being late, here are the new mystery items..

Lately, i’ve been busy in my school for practical exams.. :

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